2016 Call2Recycle Viewer's Choice Awards!

It has been an exciting race to the finish line, but after over a month of action-packed campaigning and voting, the dedicated and talented teams responsible for the winning projects really set themselves apart from the rest.

This year we broke all the records for votes, with nearly 200,000 votes in total across all projects. That is over twice as many as last year and four times as many as the year before.

Our top four teams are:

  1. Nicola Canford Nerd Herd from Nicola Canford Elementary. Check out their project, Operation Green.

  2. Jamieson Division 1 and 3 from Dr. Annie B Jamieson Elementary. Check out their project, Saving the Environment.

  3. Port Moody Green Team from Port Moody Secondary. Check out their project, Sprouting a New Beginning.

  4. Lindsay Park Sun Hunters from Lindsay Park Elementary. Check out their project, Sun Hunters.

Each team will receive a cash prize of $500 for their excellent sharing and campaigning skills. Way to spread the word, teams!