Coach Spotlight: Scientists and Innovators in Schools

The BC Green Games Community Coach program is a valuable tool for classsrooms who are looking for mentorship, guidance and to expand student horizons to include the many members of their community who are making a difference. Community Coach involvment over the years have been both inspiring and educational for classrooms accross the province. There is so much to learn from the people in our own community. 

This year, we've had excellent support from Science World's Scientists and Innovators in Schools program. The Scientists in the Schools program is an excellent way to bring experts with Science World training into the classroom to deliver engaging hands-on programming. Volunteers hail from all over British Columbia and offer workshops in a range of areas, including sustainability, ecology, geology, and geography! 

In the past months, Scientists and Innovators in Schools have been active visiting Green Games teams to deliver a wonderful program called Green By Design, a workshop that would kids would normally only get to enjoy by visiting the dome! This hands-on building workshop invites kids to think about how their community is designed, to imagine how to healthy neighbourhoods are built and how we could use green technology to make our communities even better! 

This program could inspire projects on alternative energies, creating and preserving green spaces, healthy eco-systems for plants, animals and people, sustainable city planning and so much more. 

To find out more about Scientists and Innovators in Schools and to book an expert for your classroom, you can request a scientist or email for more information.