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Who should register our team?

The Team Leader should register your team in the games. They will be the primary user of the BC Green Games site and will be responsible for uploading content and corresponding with Science World support staff.

Who can be a Team Leader?

If you are a K-7 team, a teacher must be the Team Leader. Teams from 8-12, however, can elect to have a student or a teacher Team Leader. All teams must have a supervising Teacher Sponsor. See the Getting Started page for a detailed description of team roles and responsibilities.

What kinds of projects can I do?

There are few options for the kind of project you can do: 1. Make a 5-minute maximum video (500 MB). 2. Create a photo essay with 3 - 10 photos. 3. Design a PowerPoint presentation to be uploaded as a PDF.

How do I choose a topic?

The best way to get inspired is to do some research. Take a look at previous years’ galleries, read the news and take a look at our list of Community Coaches. The most important thing is to choose a topic that your team is really excited about. It will show!

Do I have to choose a Community Coach?

No. While we encourage all BC Green Games teams to seek mentorship of some kind, it is not mandatory.

Who can be a Community Coach?

A Community Coach is someone with a special set of knowledge who offers mentorship on your project. Our list of participating environmental organizations offer curriculum connected programming and, in some cases, experts that can visit your school. A great coach can also come from your local network. See Community Coaches