Earth Day 2018: End Plastic Pollution

Spring is in the air, which means... Earth Day is almost here!

Initiated on April 22, 1970, Earth Day began after a U.S. senator came up with the idea for a 'national teach-in on the environment' after witnessing the devastating effects of an oil spill in Santa Barbara, Califorina. Millions of people took to their streets, campuses, and parks to demonstrate their support of a healthy, sustaibable environment. The result? Environmental laws such as the Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act, among others.

Today, Earth Day is a global event, celebrated by millions. Each year, people are inspired to take action, whether that be marching in the streets, spreading awareness about environmental issues, planting trees, cleaning their beaches, or show their appreciation for our beautiful planet by living more sustainably. 

This year's theme is ‘End Plastic Pollution.’ Plastic pollution is a serious issue in our oceans and on land. The Earth Day website explains further: ‘Goals include ending single-use plastics, promoting alternatives to fossil fuel-based materials, promoting 100 percent recycling of plastics, corporate and government accountability and changing human behavior concerning plastics.’

Many are already working to decrease the amount of single-use plastic they use, and sharing their tips on how to cut back through social campaigns like #BreakFreeFromPlastic and #ZeroWaste. The #StopSucking campaign was used by R. E. Mountain Secondary to encourage other students to stop using straws and other single-use plastic items.

What about you? How much plastic do you use day to day? Perhaps this Earth Day, you can make the pledge to cut back on your single-use plastics use, and help End Plastic Pollution!


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