Electronic Products Recycling Association of BC Works to ‘Extend Nature’s Warranty’

In 2015, over 86% of British Columbians polled said they had old electronics that were no longer being used in their homes. That’s an estimate of over 3.9 million devices just waiting to be recycled!

The Electronic Products Recycling Association of BC (EPRA BC) safely and securely recycles electronics at the end of their life, keeping them out of landfills and recovering materials to make new products so fewer natural resources are needed.  

Electronics recycling fast facts:

  • The energy equivalent of powering 710 homes for one year can be saved by recycling one tonne of laptops.
  • One tonne of tablets can sustainably produce up to 324 times more gold than one tonne of ore from Yanacocha in Peru, one of the largest gold mines in the world.

Together, EPRA and the residents of BC are already making a difference.  In fact, since 2009 the program has collected and diverted over 22.5 million devices from B.C.’s landfills and the environment.

Let’s do even more!

By bringing all end-of life electronics that are waiting to be recycled to an EPRA BC approved drop-off location, British Columbians can make an even greater difference. 

To view a video on “What happens to end-of-life electronics?” and to find out how and where to  e-recycle with EPRA BC, visit www.recycleMYelectronics.ca/bc .

Nature’s warranty is counting on it!