Green Games Spotlight - Venables Valley Goes Forever Green!

When the BC Green Games Green Team from Venables Valley named their project “Go Forever Green”, they sure weren’t kidding around. Their project focused on switching their school building to microhydro power, eliminating their ecological footprint as well as extraneous energy costs, and, perhaps most importantly, sharing their newfound understanding of microhydro power with anyone who may be interested in learning about the technology used in their project. The BC Green Games challenges competitors to take hold of an environmental issue and make it their own. The Forever Green Project not only demonstrated that this team made a unique difference, but it also told the story of their journey in recognizing an environmental issue, studying it, and involving their community in making a change. Venables Valley not only demonstrated a strong understanding of a unique environmental challenge, but also provided a story of their roots, and just as importantly, how they plan to sustain the effects of this year’s green games project with a positive plan for the future. Even more inspiring in the Venables Valley story is the size of the Venables Valley Green Team. This was this smallest school by population to enter The Games this year, however through a well-executed campaign the Go Forever Green Team beat an all-time record for Viewer’s Choice votes with an astounding 14041 votes, granting them a Viewers Choice Award!

The BC Green Games are an opportunity for a group of passionate students of any size to demonstrate their ability to learn about the environment, and to make an impact. Each year our judges are captivated by the stories told by all of our contestants, and with this year’s competition over, we can’t wait for what’s to come in 2016! Take a look at their project!