The 3 Rs

Division 22

A J McLellan Elementary
  • Kindergarten
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Our Kindergarten class learned about the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). At the beginning of the year, although I explained what should be placed into the blue bin, the plastic recycling bin, and the organic bin, the contents of our classroom bins were rather haphazard and our garbage can was fuller than it ought to have been. It wasn't until we began our Green Games project, focusing on the 3Rs that things started to change in our classroom. Our 3Rs lesson times often began with cheers of excitement (that's why I love teaching Kindergarten!) as we learned about reducing, reusing and recycling and the environmental impact of our behaviours. Our class now has a better understanding of the importance of placing items in the appropriate bins and being mindful of reducing the waste that goes into the classroom garbage can. A project that we did in class as we learned about the 3Rs was making a robot out of recyclable materials that students gathered from their homes and brought to school. Having found the recyclable project so much fun, our classroom Art centre looks a little different these days. We now have less of the traditional art and craft supplies and instead there are recyclable items that students can use to build things and express their creativity. Kindergarten is a good time to introduce children to the 3Rs. At this age, they can begin to understand that they can make choices and decisions that demonstrate care for the environment. Hopefully, this introduction to the 3Rs will help these students to begin to develop lifelong habits that will contribute to a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable environment in the future.