Actions on Agenda 2030

Brentwood Environmental Action Team (B.E.A.T.)

Brentwood College
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
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Mill Bay Foodbank, Mill Bay and District Conservation Society

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Actions on Agenda 2030

Leadership: The Brentwood Environmental Action Team’s (BEAT) motivation for this year’s BC Green Games entry, Actions on Agenda 2030, was put in place by the desire by the United Nations to achieve 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. A vision in this action plan by the United Nations “aims to end poverty, promote prosperity and people’s well-being while protecting the environment by 2030”. Over the course of the year, all of the actions of the BEAT and our school community will be directed at educating and taking action on these 17 goals.

Education: The BEAT provided information about the sustainable development goals and BEAT events with a bulletin board display, in our monthly meetings, through announcements in the boarding houses, and students speaking at assemblies about the goals that are addressed below. In some of the academic courses, there was a focus on these goals and students were encouraged to design projects that would address many of these areas.

Actions:  Goal 2-Reducing Hunger:  Students in a 21st Century Applied Design Skills Technology class designed campaigns to raise awareness about hunger. Their actions included speaking to our community about statistics on global and local hunger, distributing food statistics to students who donated canned food for a local foodbank, as well as volunteering to fill hampers at the foodbank and making soup for a school lunch program.

Goal 3-Good Health and Well Being:  In the fall the BEAT offered two opportunities to exercise and get outside with friends. The annual hike to the Koksilah Old Growth forest didn't disappoint again this year. With some new faces on the trail, it was a pleasure to experience this little bit of local paradise with some great kids and teachers, while getting some fresh air and exercise. One student commented that being from another country, this hike gave me a taste of what awesome outdoor opportunities I have living in British Columbia and the importance of preserving them”.

Goal 12-Responsible Consumption and Production: The compost and garbage generated during lunch time on October 17,18,19 was weighed separately and documented. This information formed our BASELINE DATA. There was a presentation by the BEAT about how to reduce waste on October 19th. The next week October 24, 25, 26 was the REDUCTION WEEK where the compost and garbage generated during lunch was weighed, forming our comparison. With the conscious decision making and awareness that was generated, we reduced our overall trash consumption by 75% and our compost by 15%. In our annual Pizza on Patel, Energy Reduction campaign in April we will work to reduce our energy consumption within the boarding houses. We gather baseline data from April 8-15 and then conduct our contest week from April 16-22nd. During this time, BEAT reps will explain the importance of unplugging and becoming more aware of what they can do to reduce one’s energy use. The Boarding house that has the greatest energy reduction, will be awarded pizza for their house by the Head of School, Mr Patel.

Goal 14-Life Below the Water:  Students conducted an educational campaign about the importance of not polluting our waters with plastic, and volunteered with a local effort to capture and transfer salmon to waters upstream in our local area. The numbers indicate that in this local waterway, there is a 60 % increase on returning adults over 2014. The total fish moved for 2017 were 85 males, 98 females and 435 jacks.

Goal 16-Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions:  The English Department at Brentwood College School coordinated the Write for Rights campaign with the hopes of bringing awareness to the plight of many prisoners of conscience. On the SDG website, the comment is made that “Without peace, stability, human rights and effective governance, based on the rule of law - we cannot hope for sustainable development. The SDGs aim to significantly reduce all forms of violence, and work with governments and communities to find lasting solutions to conflict and insecurity.” Many students in our community joined supporters from around the world to write letters to human rights defenders and to the governments that are putting them at risk.(http://www.undp.org/content/undp/en/home/sustainable-development-goals.html).

Difference: The BEAT hopes that with this year’s BC Green Games entry, Actions on Agenda 2030, we have increased awareness about these goals of the United Nations, encouraged global stewardship and acknowledged to our community that small actions within a community will make a difference.