Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
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Green Games Project


Team Members’ Names:

Quinn Miles

Jeremy Friesen

Gavin Whitmore


Our group is collecting batteries to demonstrate how very little acts can result in big differences.By collecting batteries we are going to be bringing more awareness to the problem of global warming.Did you know that only 10% of the things you recycle actually get recycled.Our goal is to get more people to recycle batteries instead of throwing them in the garbage.We want to show them how even the little things can help save our planet.We as a group think we can make a powerful impact on part of our community.


Climate Change is when some long-term weather patterns are affected by global changes made by humans or nature.These toxins are being released at a rate the Earth can’t get rid of. Some of the things that release pollution are cars,factories,and burning fossil fuels. All of this pollution causes the average climate to slowly heat up.In the past fifty years the average global temperature has increased around two degrees. This change has affected the ice caps in the arctic to melt.The melting ice over time will start to affect all coastal regions around the world by flooding all harbours and cities near the ocean (Or any large areas of water).


Climate change, like everywhere else in the world, is affecting British Columbia.Firstly the average temperature is being affected by climate change. The melting ice caps are caused by rising temperatures.The raised temperature means more rain and less snow because the temperature needs to be below freezing to get snow.During the summer there will also be stronger heat waves then ever before, as each year it will get more severe.



What we're going to do in our project is take dead batteries and give them to them to the recycling depot.We estimated that each battery is approximately 5 - 20 cents each. Although, before we do that, we are going to make a survey and show a presentation to some of the classes in our school. They will bring us any dead batteries.We will take the results from the survey to graph our data.We are hoping that by doing this action it will bring more awareness to global warming and how to help.


Our community coach is going to be the someone that works at the Recycling Depot.We want to get some good advice so we can be successful in our project.  Also,if you’re wondering where it is, this is the address and postal code↦33236 Walsh Ave, Abbotsford, BC V2S 1Z8.


What we actually did in our project was show our class our presentation and asked if they could bring in any spare, or dead batteries the next day. Sadly nobody brought in batteries so we didnt have anything to recycle. But we got everyone to fill out a survey. Even though nobody brought batteries we still got some data that tells us most of what we need. We took 3 screenshots of 3 different parts of our survey people filled out and those are the pictures were going to include.



Batteries are bad for the environment. They are non-biodegradable.



Yes, we think it does because if we use less batteries it would change the environment beacuse we are not realesing battery acid into our environment.


We checked off ⅔ boxes. I think we could have used more scientific languange in our presentation.




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