Battery Challenge

Fraser Heights Environment Club

Fraser Heights Secondary
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
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The FH Environment Club held its annual Battery Challenge from February 10-13! We worked to bring awareness in the school to the importance of recycling batteries properly! As a collective effort, students brought in their dead batteries to their classes, and the class with the most batteries brought in was rewarded!

The week before, we advertised our battery recycling campaign. We used school announcements, social media, and posters put up around the school to spread the word about our initiative. Batteries must be recycled in a proper manner, as their chemicals can leak into the ground, causing environmental damage. Teachers were told to collect batteries in a plastic bag or a cardboard box to avoid having the batteries come into contact with metal, as that could be hazardous.

During the week of February 10-13, students brought their batteries into their morning classes. Starting February 14, the Environment Club began collecting the used batteries in the school. After several days of hard work, we counted a total of 2976 batteries from 26 classes. The winning class brought in 551 batteries!

Although the battery counting and the school contest has ended, the club will continue to sort all of the collected batteries, and will take them to a local recycling depot for proper disposal. The club also plans to report the number of collected AA batteries to Teck for their “Zinc Saves Lives Battery Recycling Campaign”, a WE Day campaign in which they will donate the value of zinc per battery recycled to WE for the purpose of helping to save the lives of children suffering from zinc deficiency. The batteries collected in our challenge will not only be kept out of landfill, but will go to a good cause as well!

Throughout the entire process, we were able to educate the community about battery recycling and offer our club members a chance to take action right here at school! It was a great experience for everyone!