Battery Recycling Project

The Green Team

Devon Gardens Elementary
  • Grade 1
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As part of the Grade One Curriculum, we learn about how the local environment shapes us. Our interest in environmental action was inspired by Greta Thunberg. It began with learning about Thunberg’s activism and the Climate Action walkout on September 27th. A student from our class participated in the walkout and it allowed us to have a discussion of how we can be “Earth’s Superheroes”. As “Earth’s Superheroes”, we understand the environmental impacts of climate change, and we have also set up monthly goals to help our Earth. Our BC Green Games project stems from our February goal: To become battery recycling advocates. However, the most important goal for us is to foster a sense of care for our environment.


February 18th is National Battery Day. We decided to become battery recycling advocates. Our objective is to work with the school’s ECO Team and raise awareness about the importance of battery recycling. The first task was to understand why we recycle batteries where we discussed the possible contamination of soil and water if batteries are not recycled properly. We also discussed how plants and animals are impacted by this contamination.


In addition, as a team, we discussed the possible hazardous chemicals going into landfills and its consequences. Then, we teamed up with ECO Team and began planning for our school-wide Battery Recycling Initiative. The ECO Team researched the importance of battery recycling and completed the writing portion of the posters for the school. We were in charge of colouring and decorating the images for the posters. The ECO Team and the Green Team collaborated on the posters that were eventually put up around the school.


After weeks of preparation, we began our collection process. Every morning, four to five students would go around each class to collect batteries. It was an opportunity for my students to work with the older students. Some days we would collect full bags of batteries, while other days we would get only one or two batteries. However, no matter how many batteries that they had collected, they always felt a sense of pride and accomplishment upon their return to the classroom afterward. It has become one of our favourite parts of the day, going and helping collect batteries. So far, we have collected almost four boxes full of batteries. Our goal for this project is to collect as many batteries as we can in order to do our part to keep them out of our landfills. As a team, we felt like our goal has been reached as everyone is motivated to do their part to recycle. We are very impressed with the response from the other students, as well as the amount of batteries we have collected. As a result, in March we will have the Senior Environmental Officer of The Office of Climate Action and Environment from the city of Delta come to our class for a visit. We will be presented with a environscape model of Delta to learn the impacts of pollution. This project has motivated the Green Team to continue to learn about our environment.


Finally, being involved in this project showed us the impacts we can have in our school and our community. We witnessed the community coming together; we would see students bringing in bags of heavy dead batteries that they had collected from home. As February is ending soon, we will transition into our March environmental goal. We will be focusing on a different aspect of being an Earth’s Superhero: Water Conservation. Something important to note is that participating in the Battery Recycling Project helped us realize how improper care for dead batteries can harm our water source. With the understanding that we have limited freshwater, we are motivated to continue our conservation projects in the future. Furthermore, this Battery Recycling Project allowed us to give back to our community. In conclusion, we, the Green Team, are proud to be some of Earth’s Superheroes and we will continue our efforts to raise awareness and take care of our planet.