Battery Recycling

Pitt River Battery Squad

Pitt River Middle School
  • Grade 7
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Our names are Victoria Glowa, Madison Russell, Armaan Dharamsi and Michael Guglielmini and we are students from Division 3 at Pitt River Middle School in Port Coquitlam. We want to raise awareness about the negative impact that not recycling batteries can have for the world. We believe that if we do this we can help our community make an impact.




We are doing this project because we want to show awareness on how not recycling batteries is dangerous for animals, plants, humans, and the environment. If batteries are thrown away improperly, the chemicals inside can leak and may cause fires, poison the water sources and land, which affects the animals and humans living on it. This can also cause food shortage because the land is damaged.



Our team will put a bucket outside the office for people at our school to drop off their dead batteries. We have hung up posters and announced it on the morning announcements to spread awareness.  Every Friday we will pick up the bucket and bring it to the Biggar Bottle Depot. If you want to recycle batteries on your own, you can go to Biggar Bottle Depot in Port Coquitlam or call 604-945-3313




Chemical reaction starts when you insert the battery into a device and complete the circuit. The device responds to the battery and it start’s. The cathodes manganese dioxide /carbon mix and it reacts with the oxidized zinc to produce the electricity. Voltage drops, interaction between the zine and the electrolyte produces reaction products, which gradually slows the cell’s action and lowers its voltages. It can change the world by knowing how a battery works and why it’s so important to educate everyone about the type of effect it causes. If you don’t recycle then when the battery gets old it starts to leak and start a fire and spreads acid into our land and waterways.  



Today people don’t really recycle batteries and because of that it has contributed towards a higher pollution issue worldwide. If you join us in recycling batteries, we can start making a good impact towards our environment. Some of the bad impacts of not recycling batteries is, it’s one of the causes of global warming. Also, chemicals found in batteries can find ways into the water supply through landfills, killing plants and animals. Let’s start making a difference in creating good habits so the future generation can have a cleaner world to live in.