Bee Friendly

Bee the Change

Charles Dickens Elementary
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

Community Coach(es): 

Belva Stone, Lori Weidenhammer

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Bee the Change reflects our hope that we can increase the biodiversity of native pollinators visiting our garden and therefore improve our food production.  We have a children's community garden and an Indigenous Food and Medicine Garden called Huy Chewx.  

We will start off by examining what we have harvested from last season. Our bee population has only increased slightly from last year's harvest of 31 cocoons to 38.  We found lots of larva and mites in our Mason Bee tubes when we harvested.  We will be learning how to help the bee population a bit better for next years bees. 

We will also add more native pollinating plants so that the bees have a supply of food (nectar and pollen) for their larva and clay and water for the bees to make the walls between nests.  

We will be learning about Vancouvers Biodiversity Plan and how helping native pollinators is important.  We will also be using microscopes to examine the anatomy of our bees and learning how their body systems and life cycles function.  

Our future plans are to continue to increase the yield of our Indigenous and vegetable gardens and to generate a healthy native bee population.  We would like to explore adding butterflies, lady bugs, and leaf cutter bees to to our beneficial insect population.