Beyond the Blue Recycling Bins

Go Orcas

David Oppenheimer Elementary
  • Grade 4
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What do you call an empty egg carton on wheels?  Eggciting E-1 Racer!

The grade 4s of Oppenheimer discovered that there are many treasures in our Blue Bins.  We dug up plenty of sticky, smelly juice boxes but underneathe were cardboards, bottles and many possibilities that launced our Science project.

With some tape, glue and tons of imagination, the egg cartons we collected from home, transformed into amazing speed racers.  My grade 4s discovered that using broken plastic bags made the cartons slide down plastic binders even faster.  Soon, our classroom became racing tracks with chairs and tables turned upside down!  Soon, there were clear winners and prizes to be handed out.  But wait, Student A, taped a pair of old toy cars from the prize box...and super-charged her racer!  No one believed how fast this egg mobile sped down the book ramp!  Her team won the day!

Re-using materials from the Blue Bins also reduced the waste besides being fun and we couldn't wait to see what we can do with plenty of empty pizza boxes...

Meanwhile, bits of broken rulers, pieces of colourful pencil crayons and yarns were added to the egg cartons; someone added wings and caps constructed out of scrap papers.  Our classroom floor is a bit cleaner these days as my grade 4s start to see more possibilities in their everyday stationery bits.

There's still lots to do besides Clean-Up the School Grounds, but we are up to the challenge of more Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!