Birds of a Feather Working Together

Birds of a Feather

Alexander Robinson Elementary
  • Mixed Primary School Grades
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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Birds swooping overhead, disoriented and longing for a home; Landing on the field while children stomp in their pathways. Terrified, these majestic creatures rest their wings on the cold metal surfaces of the playgrounds unforgiving bars. "Mrs. Nunez, why are the birds on our playground and our field? Don't they have homes they  can go to?", inquired a very concerned five year old. 


At Alexander Robinson Elementary School many of our neighbouring trees and vegitation have been replaced by homes and buisnesses. In turn, the birds in our community have been home-less for some time. The kinderarten students began to notice many small birds landing on our playground, and dancing around the field. This inspired our inquiry journey towards creating and maintaining sustainable habitats for our feathered friends.