For the Birds

The Seeders

University Hill Elementary
  • Grade 3
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BC Green Games Contest Project

Project:  For the Birds

Team:  The Seeders

The Grade 3's in Division 7 at University Hill Elementary have been using the forest outside our classroom for observing wildlife and as a source of inspiration.  The students observe daily and are learning about biodiversity in our local environment.  The class wondered where the birds were and what they were doing for food when it snowed.

We decided to design and create bird feeders using recycled materials to feed the birds. We put out and regularly filled bird feeders.   The "Seeders" observed and learned more about the birds and animals in their environment.  Looking at birding guidebooks and picture cards we became familiar with the types of birds and the squirrels that came to the feeder.  The students have identified and observed behaviours of spotted towhees, black capped chickadees, song sparrows, dark-eyed juncos and other species.

The students made plans and redesigned their feeders to help keep the squirrels away and attract more birds.  The class enjoyed working together on the design cycle, creating and testing their bird feeders using recycled materials.

Our inquiry has made us more aware of our environment and the environment for our local wildlife.  The class has been actively picking up garbage outside of our class.  The students have also been noticing changes in the forest.

This project aligns with the Competencies of the Grade 3 Science Curriculum with the students observing our environment and demonstrating curiosity about the natural world.  Because of the "For the Birds" project we are developing our understanding of the key question: How can we be stewards in our local environment?

The class is planning to plant wildflower seeds in early March to attract birds and other pollinators.