The Bottle Busters from Carver Christian High School

The Bottle Busters

Carver Christian High School
  • Grade 8
Video Project (1 video)

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We are the Bottle Busters and our goal in doing this project is to increase the awareness of the harmful effects of plastic bottles and encourage the recycling of plastic bottles. We started this project by identifying a problem in our community. We noticed that people seemed unaware of how harmful plastic bottles are to the environment, and we wanted to change that. After a class vote, we decided to make a mockumentary about plastic bottles to help spread awareness. We divided into research, editing, filming and script teams and began to work.

    Firstly, the researching team worked to obtain data on the damage of plastic bottles. We searched on the internet and newspapers, we asked the staff from our cities garbage council, then we found out that there are several tons of garbages dumped in the sea every day, and that plastic bottles are a large contributor to that garbage. The filming team then started to film a mockumentary about the process of a plastic bottle being casually ditched into nature and it’s harmful effects on the environment. We also spread awareness by putting up posters and presenting our work to other school/communities, and then we compiled all our work into a video.

    In the end, our Bottle Busters project went very well. We hope that because of what we did, people will begin to think more about how what they are doing is affecting the environment, and will think twice before throwing their plastic water bottles in the garbage. Maybe people will even start using reusable water bottles more like we talked about in our presentations. Our goal is for a better, cleaner world, and we hope that people will listen to our work, and help us make this world a better, cleaner place for the generations after us.

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