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Braefoot Elementary Active Adventurers

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Lise Richard, HASTe BC, lise@hastebc.org

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Braefoot Elementary school was a participant in the Capital Region District's Active and Safe Routes to School project.  Active & Safe Routes to School is a community-based initiative that promotes the use of active transportation (walking, biking, bussing and rolling) for the daily trip to and from school. The program addresses health, physical activity, and traffic safety issues while tackling air pollution and climate change.

For the past 18-months, Braefoot Elementary has taken part in activities to identify barriers their school community is facing to accessing active travel options for school and developing solutions to remove those barriers. 

Completed actions include:

- conducting school ground and neighbourhood walkabouts

- hosting 'bike skills and safety' course for 24 students in grades 3 - 5

- revitalized Walk-on Wednesday campaign; encouraging students & families to walk mid-week

- establishing local 'Drive to Five' locations; places a five-minute or less walk to school, removing traffic congestion away from the immediate school site

- installing three new 8-bike parking racks at the front of the school; dedicated to former long-time Prinicpal Tarj Mann who encouraged active, physical lifestyles

- establishing an Active Travel Coordinator on the PAC to advance the items included in the schools 'Action Plan' (attached)

- participating in week-long encouragement campaigns such as 'Bike to School' or 'Walk and Wheel' week

- hanging poster-sized print out of 'Best Routes' map in the main foyer & providing electronic copies to parents

- encouraging a letter writing campaign to Municipal Engineers about 'areas of concern' needing infrastructure upgrades

During the 'school ground ‘and’ neighbourhood walkabouts, the participants decided one potential solution was to create a community art project encompassing the schools emergency container and footpath. 

The emergency container creates a visual barrier to the side-entrance of the school that is unlocked in the morning.  In addition, students are not noticing a footpath leading onto the school grounds that avoids the staff parking lot and parent drop-loop. Instead, students are walking through these areas, which creates potential conflicts between young pedestrians and drivers. 

A community art project was the decided solution. This art project has two components: 1. Painting a large mural on the schools' emergency container encouraging active travel and, 2. Painting large footprints on the ground for students to follow.

The Braefoot Elementary school community continues to advance their Action Plan items and are now sourcing support resources to achieve their community art project goal.