Brighten Up!

Central Sockeyes

Central Elementary
  • Grade 3
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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Our Grade 1 and 3 classes joined forces to BRIGHTEN UP our school grounds! Through read alouds and nature walks, we started to discuss the importance of bees and what they do for our environment. The first half of our project was to create a safe landing place where bees could have a drink of water without drowning. Our class used marbles and worked together to design a “Bee’s Water Break” platform so that bees would have a higher chance of surviving along their journey.

The second part of our BRIGHTEN UP project was planting a design of 600 bulbs in our school gardens. Each student learned what kind of flowers they were as there were 4 different ones. They dug the whole, planted it and filled it. They have been watching the growth pattern since November and are starting to spurt now. Students have also created a book for drawings and predictions.