Bring Compost Bins to NDSS Washrooms

NDSS Environment Club

Nanaimo District Secondary
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
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Bring Compost Bins to NDSS Washrooms

The Nanaimo District Secondary School (NDSS) Environment Club wants to bring compost bins to the school washrooms! At our school, most of the waste in washrooms is used, wet paper towels. Currently all this compostable material is put in the garbage and goes into our city’s landfill. With compost bins as the main receptacle for such wastes, this project will decrease the amount of compost going into the garbage. It’s also a great way to promote environmental stewardship to students, as almost all students use the washrooms and this project would raise awareness for composting.  

Our club is a student-led initiative with the goal of creating a more sustainable environment and promoting environment-friendly practices to the student body. We have worked with administrators and the school board to install the compost bins and are planning to follow up with a promotional campaign to advertise the new bin system and its benefits to students and teachers. We have also organized a bi-weekly emptying of the compost bins by the student club members.