Building Community Through Helping the Environment

Dover Bay Eco Club

Dover Bay Secondary
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
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Dover Bay Eco Club is a student-led volunteer group that promotes and participates in the idea and action of protecting the environment in our Dover Bay Secondary School (DBSS) and North Nanaimo community. It’s a platform for everybody to contribute to the creation of a greener future and learn more about the natural world. We also aim for the club to be an easygoing place, where members can have fun and feel at home‚Äč!


It’s been approximately 28 years since our Eco Club was established. In that time hundreds of events have been held or participated in by our Eco Club. There are around 60 students in our eco-club, which includes 10 executive members and 2 supporting teachers, all of whom have been really helpful and active, assisting the club with every single detail.


In our contest video we aimed to highlight some of what we do most in the club, and the friendships and connections being made here! You see taking the bus to reduce emissions, planting seedlings for our food forest, replacing plastic cutlery with compostable wooden forks and spoons, there is battery and paper recycling for the whole school, maintaining our food forest, and our most recent bottle drive where we raised money for the Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery Foundation.


This year the Dover Bay Eco Club has developed a website (https://doverbayecoclub.weebly.com/) and a Google Classroom to help keep our large group connected and organized. Every Thursday at lunch the club meets for the general meetings and brainstorming, and throughout the week projects are worked on, each spearheaded by different members of the executive team with support from general club members.

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