Butterfly House Creation and Installation

WJ Mouat Secondary Butterfly House Creation

W J Mouat Secondary
  • Grade 12
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City of Abbotsford - Shawn Gurney

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Butterfly House Creation and Installation

Kamryn Holden

W.J. Mouat Secondary (Abbotsford, B.C.) - Geography 12

Representatives of the BC Green Games,

We as a Geology 12 class at W.J. Mouat Secondary School in Abbotsford, British Columbia are confident we can make a difference in the community, province, country, and world in which we live.  Through the work of carefully designed and organized Service Projects we hope to raise awareness, generate support, and create advocacy for our causes. We hope that if just one person thinks differently about improving the way they live or how they act toward the environment we have been successful in our projects. The diversity of the projects completed has been intentional in an effort to cater to a variety of different interests and needs. Check us out! We hope you have enjoyed what we have done!

Who: W.J. Mouat Secondary Geology 12, Kamryn Holden (Project Coordinator) and Andrew Sorensen (Project Assistant).

What: Butterfly House Creation and Installation

Where: Three (3) Locations throughout Abbotsford, B.C. 

Event Date: Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Why: To support and sustain butterfly populations. 

How: Researched, Designed, Manufactured, Decorated and Installed Butterfly Houses.

Learned: Woodworking Skills (CNC Router), Information about Butterfly Populations/Threats to Population, Collaboration, Skills Required to Coordinate an Event, Building Empathy and Understanding for a threatened species.

With the opportunity to think about and create service projects for our Geology 12 class, we decided to try something different and unexpected. Our whole Geology class agreed to one service project: create, paint, and install butterfly houses in various locations in Abbotsford. The decision to hand build butterfly houses was made to help the butterflies, and to allow others to properly understand how to care and maintain a different species. On December 7, 2017, the whole class travelled to three distinct locations around Abbotsford. We went to Mill Lake, Fishtrap Creek Park, and Thomas Swift Elementary School. It was important to us to allow younger students to gain knowledge about these insects and teach them to have a passion to pursue. We are most thankful for the experience and for everything we learned during these weeks of building and learning. We had the chance to learn about woodworking, measurements, and how to work better as a team. Our knowledge about these pollen supporters is through the roof and we now know the importance of caring about specific creatures like butterflies. Our focus was on doing something different, making a change, and helping others rather than just ourselves. We hope the knowledge of determination can be taught to many people letting them know that if you care strongly about a certain thing you can make it happen.

Thanks so much! 

Kamryn Holden

Watch this video created by Kamryn!


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