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Ocean Ambassadors

Kerrisdale Elementary
  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
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Ocean Ambassador

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Our class is tackling the plastic problem at our school. Each year we do a field trip with Ocean Ambassadors to learn about the impact of plastic in our ocean. Our class has noticed that a lot of single-use plastic is thrown away by our students daily. We started a few initiatives: a campaign to raise awareness, a soft-plastic recycling program, and citizenship actions. We believe that this is a good combination because actions have to start locally, but also influence bigger policy changes. When we collect soft-plastic, we then sort it to make sure that we reuse everything that can be. The most common item is ziplock-type bags. So, we decided to wash them and send them back home with a letter inside informing parents and students on alternatives to plastic such as bees-wax wrap. Our PE teacher has also started her own initiative teaching students how to make their own bees-wax wraps, so we created posters to inform our community about this green alternative. After covering the federal elections in Socials, we wrote to our re-elected Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, so voice our support for the bill project M-151 that aims to ban single-use plastics in Canada by 2021. Ocean Ambassador has helped us become more aware of the negative impact of our plastic consumption. We now want to share our knowledge and raise awareness in our community.