Canadian Foodies

Canadian Foodies

Lynn Valley Elementary
  • Grade 7
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Did you know that 18 billion pieces of plastic packaging flow into the ocean each year? How can we as a society reduce the amount of packaging on food? I believe that packaging is important for food safety reasons, however there is a point where there is too much packaging. Currently companies are given the choice to go green with compostable packaging, but there is a cost that many companies are not willing to pay.
Packaging has a big impact on the environment, it represents about 65% of household trash. Packaging is usually not thrown in the recycling so it's put in landfills or burned, then the greenhouse gasses from that will thicken the atmosphere making the earth hotter. Evidence shows that over 55% of plastic, most of which is packaging, is thrown in the garbage. Also, in 2013 Amazon sent 1.5 million packages a day! That means that about 762,000 packages were thrown away or needed to be broken down for recycling.
Our team, Canadian Foodies, a group of grade 7's from Lynn Valley Elementary is going to compare products with and without lots of packaging. We are going to our local grocery store to buy products, some with lots of packaging and some with little packaging. In a video we will explain how to reduce the amount of packaging. We are hoping to share our video with our school so the kids can share the information at a home level. There is an easy option for less packaging, it's called compostable cardboard, but companies don’t want to spend the money on more sustainable packaging. We want to consider the amount of packaging on a product before buying it and to look at other alternatives with less packaging. We also hope to help companies move to more sustainable options for their products.
As an alternative to plastic water bottles, food wrappers, plastic bags and etc. We could use things like reusable water bottles and glass or plastic containers. As for food wrappers we always could make homemade food like granola bars. Homemade food isn’t only saving the earth but it also tastes much better and it's also cheaper! Our future plans for this project are to share our video with everybody who will hopefully tell others the impact of packaging. Hopefully sharing this video will make people aware of this problem then the big companies who still use plastic and Styrofoam packaging will have to use an alternative because nobody would buy their products because its harmful to the earth. Even though many say that they won’t make a difference just remember, what if everyone thought that, then no one would even try to save our planet.
Our future plans for this project are to share our video with our friends, family and our school so that they can share the messages with their friends and so on. Hopefully sharing this video will make people change their decisions on packaging. If enough people change their opinion to environment-friendly packaging, then big companies will have to change to keep their companies alive and making money. Everything starts at a small level, some people say “Oh this one thing won’t change anything” or “I alone can’t make a difference”. This is false, everyone can do something to help, we, the people start everything. Big companies and politicians come after they see regular people like you and me making the change.