Car Idling

The Three K's

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
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Mr Schilt

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The reason behind our project is we don’t want too much carbon monoxide being released into the environment, but sometimes leaving your car idle is good in the winter so your car can cool down. If too much carbon monoxide goes into the environment it could affect the lungs of young people. It would improve the environment by having less harmful gases but have more good gases like oxygen. When you make your car go idle its wasting gas which means more money has to be spent on gas. Police say that leaving your car idle could increase the risk of theft.

Climate change is when the temperature rises which means the sun gets hotter and then the ice glaciers start to melt and the water level can rise up to 10 feet! Islands that are close to water will flood meaning there is probably going to be a bigger population in canada and the in the us which then means Canada or the usa will have to buy more land and destroy more forest and wildlife areas to make more houses and then there would be less animals and maybe even less human population.
The Reason why B.C. is being affected is because of the heat greenhouse gasses cause they trap heat in different areas across British Columbia. Take Chilliwack for an example. You'd think Vancouver is more polluted than Chilliwack,But it's the other way around. A few years ago fires raged all over B.C and that's still happening today but not as bad. The Coquihalla is getting more and more dangerous as time goes on, because when water gets into cracks it fills them;then when the water freezes and then the ice expands. Then avalanches are more common.

1.Stay after school 

2.get a clipboard and lined piece of paper

3.Stay in our positions and watch the cars

4.mark how many cars go idle

5.Give the idle cars brochures

6. Compare the data everyday


Our community coach is Mr. Schilt

He will help us by telling us advice about the environment and help us out.


What we actually did


We stayed after school and instead of staying in position, we walked around and counted how many cars went idle. The Brochures we made didn’t stop the cars from going idle, it just made it worse with the number of cars going idle going up by 4. We measured the data with a graph on paper then on the computer. Our data was how many cars went idle while waiting to pick up their child/children. But some of cars that we handed brochures to were not there on Thursday. Some of the cars that we handed brochures to still stay idle, some stopped being idle and other said they’ll try their best to stop being idle.


We learned that brochures just increase the amount of the cars idling. A lot of people stay idle while waiting for school to finish and some even wait for at least 30min to pick up the child or children. We learned that some people don’t care about the environment and still left their car idle even after giving them brochures.



Yes, when cars go idle they produce carbon monoxide, our project was to stop cars from going idle so less carbon monoxide get released into the environment. If children breath in the monoxide it could affect their lungs and make them have trouble breathing in a few years and carbon monoxide has some bad effects to the environment.




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