Cardboard Warriors

Cardboard Challenge

James Ardiel Elementary
  • Grade 2
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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Our Cardboard Challenge project was inspired by the short film Caine’s Arcade that celebrates the power of creative play and childhood imagination—and the simple things that adults can do to foster it. The goal is to bring awareness to the 3Rs and to empower scientific and mathematical reasoning as well as designing and building skills while students have fun building their own arcade game, toy, or creation out of recycled materials. We first learned about the importance of recycling, the process of recycling, what can be recycled and students were asked to collect recyclable items such as glasses, aluminum items, cardboard, plastics and other household items that can be reused into making new things. We made many arcade games with our recyclable items. We invited family and friends over and play and it was super fun and educational.