Caring Kids Take Action

Green Team

Steeples Elementary
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
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Our class wanted to spread the word that we needed to do something to spread the word that it was all our responsibilities to take climate action. The kids didn't like seeing litter on playground - that is where it all started. We discussed all aspects of taking care of our planet and how we could spread the word with others in our community. We decided we'd work at learning all we could about ways we could be earths keepers. Our class worked on classroom recycling, composting, litter pick up in our school ground, poster making for our fence, planting seedlings, superhero heroes for the planet puppet plays and song writing for our entry. We did a lot of brainstorming work in writing song lyrics with the students as well as having them help with the final draft of the song. A local singer/songwriter visited our room 4 times and helped us with the song writing and the final cut. We knew that we couldn't video this on our own as our phones didn't pick up sound very well when we gave it a try. We knew about a local teacher who liked to do you-tube videos. We sent her a letter asking if she could help us with our plans to make a music video. Liza Brereton agreed to record our song and help us make it into a video. Students were just starting on our next project before spring break that would work with our video. We wanted to record video of us making and hanging school signs on our school fence. Our signs that we planned were 3 large signs that will eventually get placed on our school fence that ask drivers not to idle, litter and to recycle in our bins. We had a date planned for students from the nearby middle school to come over to help complete the project. Students loved this learning experience and felt like they were really helping make a difference by making a song that they could share with their community. A song that shares their hope that kids can make a difference. Thank you for the learning opportunity!