CCS Soccer Balls made from Recyclables

CCS United 2019

Cloverdale Catholic School
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 5
Video Project (1 video)

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The Grade 2/3 and Grade 5 classes at Cloverdale Catholic School worked collaboratively on the BC Green Games Project.  The initial phase of the project involved meeting together in small groups to brainstorm ideas. Each group presented 2 to 3 ideas for projects that would make a positive difference to our community and the environment.  Everyone voted and the students decided to take recyclable materials and make soccer balls. We have an active school and the students enjoy outdoor activities. This idea was a good fit! The classes discussed the impact of plastic pollution and the effects of too much waste on our environment.  During the next phase, the students learned from a child living in another country from their video, about how to take plastic bags, newspaper, fabric, and used string to make soccer balls. Then, our students spread the word to their families and our school community about collecting the items that would have generally been put in the recycling bin or garbage can.  This way, the materials were reused into something that can be played with and enjoyed by kids. The third phase involved the students back in their small groups designing and creating their soccer balls. A contest was presented to the students that had to meet certain criteria to win. The soccer balls were evaluated on its: bounce, size, roundness, and sturdiness.  Three teachers judged all the soccer balls and it came down to two groups who all won slurpees. The real prize for all the students was to take their soccer balls and have a fun time playing all together with them and to ultimately share their soccer ball creations made out of recyclable materials, with others! The project involved recycling, reusing, awareness, teamwork, decision making, design, imagination, creativity, and enjoyment!