A Climate Carol

Ideal Grade 9

Sir Winston Churchill Secondary
  • Grade 9
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Starting last year, we have been given the opportunity to create an opera from scratch under the supervision of professional opera performers as a part of our social studies class and drama program. This year, we decided to create and perform an opera called “A Climate Carol” that centers around the idea of the past, present, and future of climate change. The growing threat of climate change and global warming is what inspired us to make this and it is reflected in the performance. In the opera, the past, present, and future are personified. They guide a climate-denying politician through the start of the problem, the current state, and what may come next. This opera takes a more positive approach for the future, stating that if the politician makes the right decisions, The future could be much better than the alternative.

This project taught us many skills and ideas. It taught us about the logistics of creating an opera, performing it to an audience, and, most importantly, the true scope and history of climate change.

When the final performance was over, the parents and teachers who watched were very impressed. It seemed that the message of the opera was transferred well and that the audience learned as much as we did.