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This year, The Collingwood Sustainability Council is continuing our journey to zero waste, but at the same time, we are set to encourage the school to join in on our actions and to raise awareness amongst the students. Most importantly, we wanted to leave a legacy at our high school, a tradition to be continued in the coming years. With the foundation we have built last year, we have created many new projects around the school that has created meaningful changes. With support from the teachers and staff around the school, we are so proud to be sharing our progress and accomplishments.


We started the year with a bang with the Waste Reduction Week (presented by the sustainability council) where we shared a number of new plans and activities that would help reduce the waste we are creating around the school and our local community. We also celebrated some of the success at the start of the year. Some of which include a beach cleanup, building new garbage cans (a new waste sorting system), selling reusable straws, participation in the full grad class participation in the Vancouver climate march, the ‘bring your own. cutlery’ campaign and launching the 2020 Grad Legacy Project focused on sustainability. We also welcomed a guest speaker from Plastic Bank who introduced some of their initiatives which students at Collingwood were encouraged to contribute to.


Most importantly, one of the most important initiatives that we launched during that week was the introduction to the new porcelain plates in our cafeteria. We have managed to divert 100000 paper plates from the landfill this year! Our initiative has inspired the cafeteria to continue this project and to extend beyond the specials plates into soup bowls, pasta plates, and etc.


We are also very proud of the Green Initiative that we have started for the Grad legacy project. The Grad class of 2020 at Collingwood has been raising money through events such as the spring fair, Valentine’s Day grams, and other activities towards our legacy project which has a theme of sustainability. The Sustainability Council started our part in creating our legacy by creating a living wall with moss that will be hung up in the Mclaughlin Common Area where the grad class hangs out. This will be something that adds a little bit of green to our school and hopefully remind the next graduating classes the importance of sustainability and green initiatives. Furthermore, we are proposing to add a drinks vending machine in the cafeteria where we would be able to reduce the plastic bottles sold by encouraging students to bring their own bottles for drinks.


We have continued our Collingwood Garden as well as the worm bin composting project. We are also looking forward to many exciting events in the upcoming months such as Earth Week where we will focus on education of the different grades through hands-on activities such as tree planting and shoreline cleanups.


Collingwood has taken a big step in starting meaningful changes for the environment, and the sustainability council hopes to inspire the rest of the school to continue taking these changes and to make sustainability a priority in our lives in and outside of our school community!

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