Community and Park Clean Up

Edith Cavell Div. 12

Edith Cavell Elementary
  • Grade 1
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Community and Park Clean Up

Division 12

Edith Cavell Elementary

Through class discussion, our class determined the way we were going to be green was simply by keeping our community clean. Division 12 decided to take our Green Games activity outside and we ventured down to our local community center, Douglas Park, to do some garbage pick-up.

Before we even made it past the school grounds, the students were enthusiastically picking up every available piece of litter to put in their bucket.

Students picked up items that were littered along the sidewalk during our walk to the park.

Once at the park, the students were free to roam the field for pieces of trash. There were lots of food wrappers. We made sure to recycle items that could be recycled such as plastic water bottles, pop cans, and juice boxes.

Once back at school, we counted how many pieces of garbage we collected. Since it was also our 100th day of school, we had a goal of collecting 100 pieces. We collected much more than 100 pieces collectively!

To continue our discussions about being green citizens, we read some books about reducing waste, recycling, and taking care of our earth. We also watched an interesting video on Youtube called How This Town Produces No Trash. The video takes place in Kamikatsu, Japan, where the government has implemented an intensive recycling program with 34 categories! We were very impressed with how well their community recycles and tried to imagine how our community would look if we had a similar recycling program. Maybe one day it will be our reality as well!