QE Phoenix 5

Queen Elizabeth Elementary
  • Grade 3
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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Students in my Grade 3 class were challenged to come up with a NEW Community Pan for Queensborough. A "bororough" of New Westminister,  my students all reside at the tip of Lulu Island where  traditionally rural and quiet neighbourhoods are quickly being changed by rapid urban development and housing.  This presented the students with an opportunity to challenge current development trends and to begin thinking about advocating for more pedestrian, bicycle and river-based transportation corridors, a swimming pool, increased access to public transit, and increased green space ex:, community gardens, green roofs on buildings. expanded playgrounds/waterparks, parks and wetland preservation.  It made our class  think critically about their neighbourhood in many of the same ways that we have been challenged by the ideas put forward during "Jane's Walk" in years past. 

Each student was asked to draw up their own plan and then the class voted to select their #1 an !#2 choices for the layout that we would use as a template for the physical model.  One of our top choices is the plan I have used as our "Team Photo".  We then began building a model on the surface of a recycled bicycle box and had a lot of fun adding to our ideas as the project evolved  (note Dog Park, Golf Course, river boats, and Sky Train extention).