Composting Awareness

Compost Kings

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
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We are doing this project to tell people that composting has a use. The process of composting is that holes are made and unwanted food like banana peels are put into those holes and it helps the soil remain healthy. We are going to make compost bins for both classes in Pod E and when they have unwanted food they put in the bin. Pencil shavings are also compostable. The need for our help is to keep our soil healthy for long periods of time. 1 paragraph: What is Climate Change? Climate change is all around us, we have to live with it but it is destroying our world we are making it worse with fumes which are greenhouse gases, greenhouse gasses are a gas that traps heat which causes our planet to heat up. Global warming is causing our ice caps to melt and polar bears will die and possibly go extinct. Global warming is caused by us killing animals. We do a small thing and 20 animals die. Ways to help ride your bike to school and if you don’t have a bike walk to school. We need to realize what we’re doing to our world. 1 paragraph: How is it affecting BC? In British Columbia, since 1900 (120 years) the temperature has risen by an overall 1.4° Celsius. This small increase has led to a massive change in B.C’s yearly averages. This has also affected minimum temperatures during winter nights by lowering the average total of 3.1° Celsius. The increase in temperature leads to faster evaporation of water which will increase the amount of rainfall we get during winter and autumn months. Since the average rainfall has increased province-wide B.C’s sea levels are rising. Due to the rise of the water coastal cities like Vancouver could end up experiencing flooding. But the abundance of rain in earlier months of the year leads to hot and dry summers. A lack of rain would mean that forest fires are spread much faster and are harder to contain. Without rain then the fires would be much harder to enclose since firefighters won't be able to rely on rain to help put out fires.  Who is your community coach?* We are not using a community coach. Action Plan: Create What did you ACTUALLY do in your project? What did you find out? Include 3-10 pictures of your project.** How/what did you measure? (Survey or data info?) In our project we did not be able to do are full project but we did do a presentation and kahoot with our class, we did try to do the composting but we did not have success with it.We had some downs like we were doing animal cruelty but that did not have climate change in it at all. We tried to bounce back we did but then we got a presentasion and kahoot done but our main plan to compost did not go well with our time limit but we did show the class about composting and how good it is for the earth. We did try as much as we could not get it done fully. Here's the result of the kahoot I added it to the doc. -Rajan Reflection: Evaluate What did we learn? The whole Green Games experience was definitely something new and unique from other science experiments or activities. I learned many things from participating in Green Games such as teamwork, going green, and how even us kids can make an impact on our environment. Teamwork was essential for getting our action plan finished, and that was our weakness. Due to lack of communication, our group was often confused about what our tasks were and when we had to complete them. We were only able to present our topic to the class and educate our audience about composting by doing a Kahoot. Looking back, I am able to learn from this experience and make sure not to repeat the same mistakes again. We also learned about our environment and how kids can make a difference. Since there is an increase in population, more land is being occupied for building homes and buildings. By composting, we are able to keep the remaining soil healthy and well-fertilized.

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