Connecting our Community

NWSS Environment Club

New Westminster Secondary
  • Grade 12
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Chelsie Goodchild, George Somogyi

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Our main goal through all of our initiatives is connecting to the community around us, whether it be just around our school or reaching out to the elementary schools around our city.  We hope that all of our initiatives can create more connections within our community and spread more awareness about our environment. We love spreading awareness and educating the younger generations on being more green. We will be donating various herbs to our cafeteria to encourage locally grown food around our school and community and we will be introducing Meatless Mondays to encourage healthier and cleaner diets. In addition, we will be going around the elementary schools in our school district to teach them how to properly grow and nurture plants. Two more initiatives we are introducing to our school are a competition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and we are organizing a climate change round table conference to give students a way to voice their opinions and concerns. We hope to create a change in our community and spread awareness.