Cool Routes 2

Cool Route 2 School

Holy Trinity School
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6
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HASTe BC's Classroom Engagement Program: Cool Routes to School Overview Cool Routes to School (CRtS) is a Active and Safe Routes to School strategy that employs a youth engagement model to change school transportation attitudes and behaviour. CRtS generates active transportation strategies developed by the student leaders, adding an element of fun, education and leadership-building to the worthy endeavour of encouraging active, sustainable and safe trips to school. Charged with working with school administration, reaching out to parents and getting their peers on board, students brainstorm and refine their ideas through a facilitated, step-by-step process, and then work in teams to bring them to light.


As with any Active and Safe Routes to School strategy, the primary goal of Cool Routes to School is to encourage and support active travel (walking, cycling, scooters, etc.) to and from school. CRtS' student engagement model provides the added benefits of helping students not only learn about transportation issues, but also develop the ideas and skills necessary to address them. Students become engaged and empowered as leaders and change-agents within their schools, while helping their communities become healthier, safer and more sustainable.

Students break into groups and focus their attention on Education, Encouragement, Enforcement or Engeneering then use a medium (posters, videos, letter, ect) to increase active mode at their school.

These students are currently in their planning phase but so far they have worked with the City of North Vancouver, RCMP and ICBC to make their school zone safer. More to come from this amazing group.