Cooperative Learning and Marine Environmental Stewardship Project

Thetis Elementary Environmental Stewardship Team

Thetis Island Elementary
  • Mixed Primary School Grades
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Andy Lamb and Ann Ericsson

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Please see submitted pdf for our photo essay. Here is a brief summary description of our project:

Our project fostered a life-long environmental stewardship ethic and respect for marine life through hands-on learning and sharing, using a community-based cooperative learning model. Specifically, our green team documented our environmental learning and stewardship journey related to creating a new seaquarium program in our one-room K-Gr 7 school. The seaquarium program was established as a partnership with our local nature conservancy who owns and helps us maintain the seaquarium. The educational programming hinged on the generous volunteer expertise of professional divers and environmental educators who live in our little community. These divers/educators contributed local marine creatures to our seaquarium returned the creatures to the wild. They also provided us with professional instruction about the creatures and how to care for them. Our students not only received experiential learning about local marine species and their habits and habitats (in class and on the beaches), but we got to support species restoration by raising and releasing sea stars that have been suffering from wasting disease. We also supported cross-cultural learning and sharing with our neighbouring First Nations school on Penelakut Island who came to visit and learn with us.