Cultus Lake Green Machine

Cultus Lake Green Machine

Cultus Lake Community School
  • Grade 2
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Cultus Green Machine – Cultus Lake Elementary

The Cultus Lake Green Team, Green Machine, are dedicated to making our school and its environment more ecological. Our school is nestled in the mountains, surrounded by forests near the beautiful Cultus Lake.  The Cultus Green Machine has been busy this year striving to keep our school green and our neighbourhood clean. We have partnered with our community school and are dedicated to find ways to better our community. Our school does a lot of outdoor learning and we spend a lot of time outdoors, so as a school we have taken on the challenge of picking up garbage around the lake and in the forest whenever we have the chance. Our Green Team is also responsible for our school’s recycling and compost programs. This year we have also started our school’s garden program.  We currently have four planter boxes and have already planted some winter vegetables. We are currently fundraising so we can have a planter box for each class. The Green Machine takes it’s jobs seriously.  Green team members carry out a number of jobs daily.  We have ‘Green Team Ninjas’ who go around at recess and lunch to make sure lights are turned off in unoccupied classrooms.  Green team members also collect compost and juice boxes daily, as well as pick up garbage on the playground.  We have done a great job in reducing our schools garbage and we are motivated to reduce it even further by no longer using plastic bags in our compost and juice box bins. From the money we have raised from our juice box recycling and other fundraisers, we have been able to purchase a water filtration system. Now students can bring in reusable water bottles and we can reduce the plastic!  To motivate all classes to do their best, we have started to track and post how well each classroom does with its compost and recycling.  Those that do well, earn a prize at the end of each month.  At Cultus Lake Community School we also continue to recycle batteries and markers! Our next adventure is to partner with our local Soowahlie First Nations group to branch out our projects. Let’s go Cultus Green Machine!