Designing the Perfect Recycling and Composting System

The Lord Roberts Recycling and Composting Team

Lord Roberts Elementary
  • Grade 7
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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Our project was the design the perfect composting and recyclig system for our school.  Within our group we split up into three different jobs; creating presentations to educated the school about composting and recycling, creating posters to help remind and encourage people to compost and recycle, and investigate which areas of the school needed more composting and recycling bins.  

Our photo essay is a journey through the process of completing these three tasks.  Each photo is accompanied by a description of what we did and how we think we helped.  

In the end we presented to every classroom in the school, posted encouragment posters all over the grounds, and placed five new recycling and composting bins around the school.  This was such a great experience for us.  Thank you Green Games!