Div. 11 Makes a Difference!

Edith Cavell Div. 11

Edith Cavell Elementary
  • Grade 1
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Grade 1 Students at Edith Cavell started to notice that our schoolground has a lot of litter: especially after recess.  Lots of the litter is what we call snack wrappers: crinkly plastic single-serve wrappers that are pretty convenient, but can really make a mess.  

When we found out that the City of Vancouver is now recycling those snack wrappers, we had to take action.  Students take turns taking our recycling bin outside every day.  We are sharing our enthusiasm with other classes in our school.  And the result is that our schoolyard is cleaner and we are keeping material out of the garbage bins.  

Our work in our school community will have an effect on the environment around us.  Div. 11 students are making a difference!