Div. 12 Green and Clean

Div. 12

Dr Annie B Jamieson Elementary
  • Grade 3
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I wanted to teach Division 12 about learning to keep the environment clean and green. Students have been learning to recycle properly and minimize use of plastics and electricity since the beginning of the school year. The students learned that this is something that they can do at school as well as at home. We have been collecting newspapers for art projects and using both sides of paper whenever possible in order to avoid waste and minimize the use of paper. We have monitors to turn off the lights when we leave the classroom or the gym. Students are reminded to bring a reusable water bottle for drinking in class. Our school has one class each week for picking up garbage around the school. When students are having lunch, they sort their food and deposit organics into the organics bin, cardboard and plastic into the recycle bin. Empty juice boxes and bottles are kept in a separate bag and we return them to collect money for our class funds. They are learning to become responsible citizens in keeping the environment that we live in clean and green. By learning these skills at a young age, I hope that my students will continue to do this throughout their lives.