Division 13’s Pollinator Project

Ms. Vanik’s Grade 3’s Helping Bees

Green Timbers Elementary
  • Grade 3
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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Our team of 22 third grade students at Green Timbers Elementary, are helping our local environment by growing bee-friendly flowers!  As part of our learning about ecosystems, we will be helping Mother Nature by growing flowers in hopes of helping sustain bees in our area.  We will be planting several varieties of flowers (such as poppies, lavender and wild flowers), which we will replant in our school’s pollinator garden. As part of our studies, we have been learning how ecosystems are a delicate balance of many aspects that must work together in order to succeed. We would like to help the bees by providing them with the flowers they need to thrive, so that they can continue their important role in helping us by pollinating our farms, gardens and parks.  We, in grade 3, want to help those hard working, buzzy little bees!