Dog Poop Bag Testing

The Bag Testers

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
Video Project (1 video)

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Our group tested dog poop bags to see which ones are environmentally friendly. We were inspired to take on this project because dog owners are uninformed and are blindly following the examples set by companies looking for money in exchange for silent trust. We were inspired to do this because lots of dog poop bag companies claim to have biodegradable bags, however, we do not know if they will really break down that fast, so we put this to the test. We knew that the dog poop bags were more environmentally friendly if they would break down fast, proving that the dog poop bags are biodegradable. We tested them by using the heat in a hairdryer to act as the sun when the dog poop bags are left outside in the heat. We held a hairdryer above them for ten minutes to test them. The dog poop bags were not affected by our hair drying experiment, however, we also tested the dog poop bags by putting them into the water for a week. The water represented puddles in the rain and the ocean. Like if they are thrown into a lake or dumped into the ocean. We left the dog poop bags in the water for ten days to give the dog poop bags a good amount of time to break down and become weak enough to not affect the ecosystem. We were faced with a challenge when the hairdryer experiment did not affect the dog poop bags, and our experiment using water did not look like they were affecting the dog poop bags either, however, when we finally evaluated the dog poop bags after putting it in the water we knew that our experiment was a success. After we got the results of our experiment we went to Mill Lake Park because there are often dog owners there, and we informed the dog owners about what dog poop bags are more earth-friendly. At the end of this project, we learned which dog poop bags would be the best for our planet. Our project impacted the earth because we now know which dog poop bags would be best for us to use, and we informed other dog owners so they can start using the dog poop bags that are most eco-friendly. Now that people in our area know the most environmentally friendly dog poop bags we will be able to help the earth. The community coaches who helped us with this project were: Mrs. Fehlauer- (she provided us with important information photos and even helped us choose the topic and experiments to conduct), The head of marketing of the company Earth Rated she informed us of the company's techniques, goals, pricing reasons, and the reason they make sure their bags are eco-friendly.