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Davidson Dragons

William F. Davidson Elementary
  • Grade 3
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Surrey Parks

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Ms Griffin's Grade 3 class is participating in the Surrey Parks 'Lend A Hand' program this year. We have adopted Davidson Park, as we noticed that it always seemed to have a large amount of garbage on the ground. At least once a month we head out with our tongs and pick up litter at the park. We have made a lot of observations as we do our cleanups. We've noticed that the park doesn't have a garbage can, and we have written letters to the City of Surrey to ask if a garbage can could be installed. We've also become aware of the different types and amount of litter that are left at the park. This awareness has really transformed our thinking, and we have become passionate environmental stewards. We are encouraging other students to bring reusable lunch containers, and put their garbage into the cans on our school grounds. We are thinking about the impacts of litter on the people and animals that live in our community. Davidson Park is looking a whole lot cleaner due to our efforts, and we are hoping to spend a lot more time there now that it's clean. We plan to continue with our cleanup efforts at Davidson Park throughout the year. In June, we will do a Shoreline Cleanup on the beaches of Stanley Park. 

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