Door Protectors

Door Protectors

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Bassam Javed

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Hi, we are students from Manoah Steves Elementary. 

For our project, we counted how many people went through the doors in our school at lunch time. We calculated how much energy from our heaters were wasted with help from Mr. Bassam.


In one week, almost 1000 people went through the doors over five days which is equal to almost every student in our school going through the doors about 3 times each!

Volunteers counted the number of students going outside and counting how many students went through our doors. We have four doors that we counted.

When we told our school about the amount of students coming through the doors, they were very surprized! We challenged the school to pretend that we were on the skytrain and when it was recess time, the students had to exit and go outside.  We did announcements over the PA system. 

We wanted to use some humor,so we played skytrain chimes and a train whistle. Please watch our video for an example!

The first week, the number of students going in and out decreased to 759.   Then we took a break and tried again two weeks later.  Even though it was snowing outside, the number of students going in and out decreased to 475. That's even less than half of 1000!

If we do it again we hope to bring the number down.

We even told fortis BC and they gave us a prize for what we did