Douglas Park Invasive Removal

Division 9 Park Stewards of Bonaccord Elementary

Bonaccord Elementary
  • Grade 4
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Surrey Parks Department

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This year our class, along with nine other classes in the school, have partnered with the Surrey Parks Department to restore Douglas Park. As a class, division 9 is deeply connected to the natural world. We regularly move our classroom outdoors and find the natural world a great place to learn.

We are also part of a special program, called the intensive literacy program. Which means we come from all over the school district and are not necessarily from the Bonaccord neighbourhood.

Urban parks are important to us because it is where we learn and play. When we reached out to the City of Surrey to see what we could do to give back to nature, they trained us on the removal of invasive species like periwinkle and English Ivy.

Our goal is to remove all of the invasive species, with the help from other intermediate classes in the school so that we can then plant trees and other native species back in the park.

We will be working on this project all year. We hope that Douglas Park can become another space for our outdoor classroom. It feels good to help nature and makes us feel like we are a part of the community.