Dry hands but wet hearts :)

Dry hands wet hearts :)

Morgan Elementary
  • Kindergarten
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Our class took a look at what waste we were creating and what resources we were using a lot of throughout the week.  We found that we were always filling our compost bucket with paper towels.  We were going through two or three packages a week of paper towels!  We decided an easy fix was to start using hand towels to dry our hands - like we do in our houses!  Each weekend the towels get taken home to be washed and if they are ever forgotten we use the hand dryer in the bathroom instead of paper towel.  We have discussed at length how we need to respect and take care of the Earth and our class feels very proud of the fact that we are reducing the amount of paper towel we are using and reducing the number of trees that need to be cut down!  We are hoping to present our project to the school near Earth Day in April and if that doesn't work out we are going to make posters about using hand dryers in washrooms instead of paper towels when possible and post them around the school.  We have read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein and we have decided as a class we don't want to take everything that our Earth has to offer - we want to take care of the Earth and reduce our impact on the environment.  Students have also started to use both sides of paper and take paper out of our paper recycling bin to create art work with.  We are very proud of the fact that our classroom has reduced the amount of paper towels we use and wonder how many trees were not cut down because of our commitment to not use paper towels all year in our classroom!