École Devon Gardens ECO TEAM

Devon Gardens Elementary
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
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We, the ECO Team members of École Devon Gardens School, are taking action for our belief that we can make a difference by taking care of our school environment, by volunteering our time to help out in our local community, and to teach the younger students of our school why it is important to do so.

The Devon Garden ECO Team started in the 2017-2018 school year with only four Grade 6/7 students who had the opportunity to attend a conference led by high school students on the importance of being involved and finding ways to save our environment. Our ECO Team members quickly shared what they learned with others and now, just 1 school year later, we are so very proud to have about 30 Grades 5/ 6/7 students as members of the ECO Team.

Our beliefs as an ECO Team are:
1. to take care of our school environment,
2. take care of our local community environment,
3. to share the reasons why it is important to do so.

What have we done so far?

Taking Care of our School

1. We started the school year by introducing our ECO Team to the school community at an assembly. We wanted to share our beliefs with the other students.

2. Our ECO Team, in conjunction with the Delta School District, joined in the Electrorecycle challenge. In 1 short week, we collected 3 large full containers of electronics to be recycled - saving them from ending up in a landfill. We collected so much that we won the Electrorecycle challenge for our district, collecting more as a school in the 3 years this challenge has existed!

3. On certain days, the ECO Team members are out and about around the school picking up any stray garbage on our school grounds to model to the other students the importance of keeping our school environment tidy.

4. The ECO Team also noticed that many students were not using the garbage black bins, the compost green bins, and the grey recycling bins properly in the hallways. We noticed that these bins had a lot of words to describe what goes in which bin but not enough pictures for our younger primary students.
What did we do? We had an assembly to explain to the school exactly what goes into what bin. As well, pictures are now displayed on each of the black garbage bin, the grey recycling bin, and the green compost bin to help all our students.

5. After talking with our custodian, we also found out that some classes were not using the blue paper recycling bins in the classrooms properly. Plastic and other garbage were finding their way into the classroom blue paper bin.
What did we do? The ECO Team assigned ourselves to a division in order to teach the students that only paper goes into the classroom paper bins. We tracked and visited the classrooms we were assigned to for THREE whole months to ensure that this happened.

Taking Care of Our Community Environment

Our school is located very close to Burns Bog. We are so lucky to be able to volunteer our services to Burns Bog to help remove invasive species in the Bog. While at Burns Bog, we also learn about the plants native to our area.

Where to next...

We want to continue to inspire students to take care of our school and community. We will continue to visit classes and present at assemblies to make sure that next years grades 6 and 7 students will want to join the ECO Team to help take care of our school, our community, and our Earth.