Dasmesh eARTh-Cycle Green Team (D.E.G.T)

Dasmesh Punjabi School
  • Grade 9
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     The Grade Niners at Dasmesh Punjabi School have discovered the secret… we are wasting way too many of our resources very rapidly. And that is how eARTh-Cycle was born. Just turn the entire title lowercase and see (earth-cycle to make things quicker for the reader). When there are so many accessible items to purchase in a First World country such as new iPhones every year, printers cheaper to buy than the ink on its own, and other commodities that are easier to replace than to fix, Earth will be the sacrifice for our careless consumption. And so we thought we would rid our peers and Earth of pain and begin reusing our garbage. So often we are required to bring pop bottles etc. for school projects but don’t have them available and quickly run to the store to buy one or two, spill the contents inside if there is an urgent need of the bottle and no one to drink it, and destroy so much of our environment. Someone may have had a bottle to spare, whilst you had just recycled yours at the depot or irresponsibly disposed of it in the garbage can. You just bought something you didn’t actually need to, like many other things we purchase and kicked the Earth in the guts one more time. That is what we wanted to stop.


    We began a team of dedicated students to take orders around school for anyone who required an item that would usually put into the recycling bin by others, but was needed by them for art or other academic projects. This concept went hand-in-hand with the idea of upcycling, so that became step two, PROMOTE UPCYCLING!


    During Halloween, we demonstrated what can be done with what we believe is waste. Upcycling old pop bottles, CDs, milk gallons etc. we made the idea “no such thing as garbage” a visual. ( No such thing as garbage doesn’t apply to diapers and other unsanitary items, of course.)  Research was a strong aspect of our team, through which we learned that in Toronto alone, 20% of their recyclables aren’t recycled. This fact needed to be shared with the world, along with other problems faced around the world, including Canada. So what better way to do that than to set up a show talking about all sorts of these problems, and educating the future of the world on how to properly dispose of our waste, not purchase what we don’t require, introduce the two more or less lost Rs “repurpose,” and “refuse?” With the help of presentations eloquently delivered by all those passionate about their topics at the understanding level of their audiences, and some fun hands-on activities for the young ones, we made sure no one left our Comprehend the Environment show without the knowledge of what’s happening around us every day, and what the future holds for us if we don’t learn from the mistakes we make today. But promotion isn’t enough. We believe in lead by example, thus all our other small and continuous projects around the school including an in school dead battery collection program to ensure the proper disposal of them.


    The eARTh-Cycle students are very dedicated to making sure our planet isn’t crying because of our mistakes. Our current reach is inside the school community, but we aim to make a bigger impact in Abbotsford and further within the coming years. Every day we try to think of and establish new projects that will be helpful in allowing the Earth to sustain life longer than just immediately after us. For this, we aren’t enough alone and extend our hands out to all you to start programs in your own school community to educate about and contribute to preserving the environment. We are sharing our project tactics so that every school can have their own eARTh-Cycle.

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