Division Six ECO STEWARDS 2017/18

W D Ferris Elementary
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6
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Community Coach(es): 

Bev Bowler (DFO), Dreamriders Theatre + Planet Protector Academy, Manon Gartside (BCSEA), Dr. Veronica Wahl (Douglas College), HUB BC, David Henderson (Richmond SD Teacher Consultant), SeaSmart, Little Campbell River Fish Hatchery, Encorp Pacific, FISH (F

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W.D. Ferris Elementary is once again thrilled to share our story of E(co)VOLUTION with the BC Green Games community.


For a more complete story see the PDF attached.


Here are some of the highlights:


We harvested a bumper crop of Concord Grapes from our courtyard, sharing most of the 14 Kg with all 22 Divisions. The remaining grapes were used to make jelly. 12 classes were selected by lottery to receive and then sample the grape jelly with crackers.

We harvested 12 Kg of apples from our two trees, which we made into apple crumble and pies.

We planted 9 trees adding to 40 trees we planted 8 years ago. These are providing much needed shade for our school community.

We added two solar powered vertical drip irrigation greenhouses which we plan on growing varieties of salad for students and staff.

We continued with our Salmonoid Project. Older students acted as “salmon stewards” spending their recess and lunch teaching others about the life cycle of the salmon. We plan to release the fry in May, into the Little Campbell River.

DreamRiders Theatre performed Keep Cool – at a school assembly. Later, Division Six participated in the Planet Protector Academy Program.

Two classes received Climate Leadership Training from the BCSEA.

Dr. Wahl from the Institute of Urban Ecology  of Douglas College, taught three classes about the importance of pollinators. One class made Mason Bee homes out of recycled materials. These homes will be placed around our garden. We are preparing to release 36 mason bees in March to see how they can help with cross pollination in our gardens.

HUB BC taught 4 classes of students last June, how to safely bike ride in our school community. This has resulted in having our bike racks often full.

We encouraged the community to walk to school and closed the drop off loop every day after school. The intent has been to discourage driving, reducing emissions and increase safety.

We removed our juice / water vending machine from the school. Not only did this further reduce the number beverage containers coming into the school but it also eliminated visits by trucks to service and refill the vending machine.

One teacher challenged his students to fix as many everyday items from home as they could, using one small packet of mouldable glue called Sugru. These were items that probably would have ended up in the landfill.

90 Kg of batteries were collected in a two - week school wide battery drive by our ME to WE leaders.

In the coming weeks, we are planning to teach our school at an assembly, about heat loss. Through the use on an infra-red camera we hope to making it easier for students and staff to visualize how the school loses heat. We also plan on sharing our findings with the school district to help them make decisions about future school renovations.

Should you wish to learn more about our various projects and their challenges, please feel free to contact:


Kevin Lyseng

Environmental Steward / Teacher 

W.D. Ferris Elementary, Richmond B.C.   


Elementary School Winner
Viewers Choice Winner
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