electric cars

Electric DJ´S

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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        The reason we did our project on electric cars is to tell individuals that electric cars are helpful for the environment and that they should consider purchasing one. And to see how many new dealerships sell them.  Electric cars like Tesla, are good for the environment since they don’t use fuel meaning you are saving gas money and the government helps pay a few percents towards your electric vehicle since it is helping the environment meaning you are also saving money while helping the environment. I personally believe the interior and exterior of the Tesla models are much better than many other fuel vehicles out there. Tesla models have many other features that are helpful as well as the dashcam and autopilot drive and many more. The reason for the need for our help is we want to raise awareness of the effect gasoline is having on our planet and what they can do to help the environment. There are many other ways individuals can help with global warming. One of the ways is to purchase an electric car.  It will help with global warming because many cars run on fuel and have carbon dioxide which is damaging the environment. Electric cars take out fuel and won't take in gasoline because they are electric! We are hoping to improve the population with electric cars instead of cars that take up fuel. 



      We contacted many different car dealerships to see if they sell electric cars and found out that 9 out of 15 car dealerships are selling electric cars. Which means 60% of dealerships sell electric cars. Why is it good to have an electric car?  Because they do not take in gasoline that is CO2 (carbon dioxide) which hurts our planet. Our community connection is the people from the car dealerships their names were Rica, Greg, Daniel, and Sean. This is the phone number of Toyota dealership, which we contacted (604) 857 2657. We did a survey on grade seven students and asked them if their guardians drive an electric car. And we asked in our survey if they like electric cars. For the first question, 8.3% people said yes 89.6% said no and 4.2% said they don't drive. When we asked if they like the idea of electric cars they said,  54.2% said yes and 27.1% said no and 29.2% said I don't know.


That electric cars are better than fuel cars. Many dealerships sell these cars because they help the environment and because they are better and nicer. And we learned that only 8.3% of our pods have electric cars that could be better.  It has an environmental impact because if more people have electric cars and there are fewer fuel cars there will be less carbon dioxide that is bad for global warming. It will raise the prevention of global warming getting better.